As individuals, we all generally desire the same things out of life for ourselves and each other: happiness, respect, comfort and love. Yet, as a culture, we continually fall short of creating the world that we as individuals wish for. The I-Wish Project originated as a result of the artist's thoughts on why our individual spirit is in such disharmony with our collective spirit. Why, with so many good individuals in this world, do we live in such a cruel and flawed environment?


Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: "We are afraid of truth, afraid of fortune, afraid of death, and afraid of each other." Fear is the main reason for problems in most relationships and it causes us to settle for far less than our actual capacity as human beings. The beauty of fear is that it is learned; this means that it can also be unlearned. Communication is the solution. The more we understand about others the more we are able to understand ourselves. At some point, it is very possible that we may be able to live in perfect harmony together, the way God intended.

The purpose behind the I-Wish Project is to begin to break down the stereotypes that all of us believe about one another through art. Partial proceeds from sales of the book will benefit local, non-profit organizations and agencies in the cities where each project is shot. People interested in assisting behind the camera or expressing themselves in front of it can go to for volunteer forms, model releases, directions and shooting times beginning December 18, 2005.

You can make a difference by helping those that help others. Choose from the listed Venice area non-profit organizations and agencies below and discover the spirit of community.

Social and Public Art Resource Center | St. Joseph Center | H.O.M.E | Community Food Security Coalition |
Parrot Society of Los Angeles | Ballona Wetlands Land Trust